Open Shelving Kitchen Pictures Ideas

Open shelving kitchen adds colors and textures if you choose the right design and style. Learn the ideas by browsing our pictures on the gallery for some inspirations. Shelving units like shelf and brackets should be put in mind when it comes to building it on the walls. Yeah, we are talking about wall shelving that creates floating storage display to show off kitchen items. You can do it yourself the shelf building and getting some information from Pinterest will help in the project. Pros and cons in having the wall shelving are considerable as well. You might have your kitchen walls look colorful and beautifully textured but cleaning the items regularly is the price.

IKEA shelving ideas just like bookcases are space saver and indeed effective in showing beauty and elegance in your room. Wood and glass are most popular. Glass in particular that really cool in creating floating style wall shelves. The systems are simple. Just place your kitchen items like canisters, pots, bowls, plates and other dinnerware properly with an organization. Extra shelves in zig zag style could make more interesting storage spaces. There are also metal shelving and rack that really good in strength and sturdiness.

Industrial shelving has been popular until these days. Sleek and slender look will make your kitchen walls finely improved with elegance of design and function. Installing lights as highlighting will be just cool. If you are planning on building the shelves, check our pictures for some inspiring design ideas. It is going to be an amusing project in your weekend.

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