Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Island Designs Ideas

Designs ideas related to reclaimed wood kitchen island could be limitless. From rustic country to vintage industrial styles, contemporary touches are wonderful. Barnwood or salvaged wood are old styles in feature. DIY kitchen islands in the design are for granted simple if you are creative enough. Different designs are optional according to your ideas in how to improve the kitchen with the island.

Barnwood or salvaged wood is best material choice. The naturally reclaimed look adds interest in warm and unique design. Island cabinets and island carts are most popular nowadays. For rustic country kitchens, let the time worn look surfaces just like that. It looks dirty but this is absolutely the idea.

We are in love with the natural grain colors. They are quite interesting to make a better kitchen and dining for all family members. Adding some contemporary touches is relative according to personal taste for personal satisfaction. Stools can make a fine addition as seating design. Wooden stools with metal legs are popular these days especially in Western Mexican styles.

Small, medium or large sizes, there are options on the market. Crate and Barrel as well as Restoration Hardware have best collections. Check them out for details in quality product and prices.

Vintage industrial styles are with wheels. They are movable to help you in making easier and simpler kitchen works. Metal wheels add really unique value to the design.

Rustic country kitchens with reclaimed wood island lattices for wine storage designs are wonderfully unique. The islands are popular in contemporary styles. Creative storage ideas have always been featured by contemporary furniture and you can see them on the old style islands as well.

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You can also choose to have one contemporary design in smoother finishes. High gloss paint reclaimed wood kitchen islands add interest with more sophisticated look for sure. Ones with built in appliances or spaces that can be used for needed appliances are best to make sure about better quality in design and function. As we said, the designs ideas are limitless.