Primitive Rustic Bathroom Decor Ideas

Rustic bathroom decor and accessories are taking a high stage. They are primitive with ability in featuring warmth of old world decorating ideas. Spend your lazy time in bathroom with country feel of relaxation and simplicity by having key accents. Bear in mind about color scheme. Subdued tone colors such as rust, earth, greens, browns and muted reds offer great visual representation of rustic country styles. Rustic decor for bathroom such as wooden bowls, ceramic pots, stones, simple cotton curtains and others that you can see on the photos are familiar accessories. Just make sure in choosing the items in earthy tone colors.

Hand crafted items are also great for rustic bathrooms. If you are a wise spender, get some branches and rocks from your outside of home to become a great value of decor and accessories. Towel bars made of metal or log wood can be awesome features on the walls. Adding mirrors with dark frames will enhance the value of walls including vanities in brown. Western style home decorating for rustic country bathroom can make the space becomes quite enjoyable with a nice, cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Cabin styles are also applicable to become artistic decor of bathroom. You can apply art cabin decor and accessories into your bathroom shower design. DIY decor and accessories for primitive rustic bathroom decorating ideas can be seen on the gallery of photos on this post. Get yourself some inspirations and you are free as a bird in determining the ideas.

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